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Norton Buffalo is regarded around the world as one of the greatest harmonica virtuosos of all time, as well as having endeared fans and critics alike as a vocalist, songwriter, producer, actor and onstage performer. Norton has been playing the harmonica for 45 years and has been singing all of his life. He has been blessed that the music industry, the film industry, critics and especially his fans have given him the opportunity to keep doing what he loves to do. When Norton hits the stage he is still just like a kid with his first harp … but boy does he make that harp sing! His vocals as well have like fine wine grown more soulful through the years. Norton Buffalo is one of America’s true musical treasures.

Having spent over a quarter of a century performing and recording with some of the greatest names in the music business, Steve Miller, The Doobie Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, Kenny Loggins and Olivia Newton John, among others and amidst his participation on well over one hundred albums and several thousand concerts, Norton observed that the broad boundaries of his talents on vocals and harmonica were not being fully displayed with either his band The Knockouts, or with his duet with Roy Rogers. It was this that drew Norton to put this new musical adventure together. With a desire to get back to his musical roots, Norton has for years joined together and performed with various San Francisco area folk, country and roots music talents, while expanding and improving his acoustic repertoire. Over the past three years he has fine-tuned this show and has now joined together with some wonderful new musicians to bring it to the public. This show features mostly new songs, along with new arrangements of a few of his older favorites, that together represent some of Buffalo’s best lyrical and melodic songwriting. With Norton And Friends you can expect to hear Norton’s smooth and soulful vocals, lots of wonderful harmonies and of course a full dose of Norton’s trademark, awe inspiring harmonica. Their music covers many styles, including, folk, story telling songs, gorgeous ballads, Latin sambas, reggae, R&B, a bit of blues, a little bluegrass, a taste of country, and through it all, the best harmonica playing you will ever hear, bar none. The audience should be ready for a fun, heartfelt and thought provoking musical adventure with harmonicalogist, singer-songwriter, and 28 year veteran of The Steve Miller Band, Norton Buffalo, at the helm. Buffalo always makes his audience feel right at home with his charismatic presence. His shows are exciting, fun, soulful and full of the unpredictable and the unbelievable. Norton has been known throughout his lengthy and outstanding career, for both recordings and live performances that cover a broad range of musical styles, intimate stories, extraordinary musicianship and jaw dropping harmonica virtuosity. So come on in, sit down, relax in Norton’s living room ... for he will surely spin a tale or two that will make you laugh or maybe even cry, as he brings to you a musical evening that will at times feel like Grandma’s old patchwork quilt ... pieces from here and there, that Buffalo stitches together almost seamlessly into a musical quilt that wraps around your ears and your heart and warms you deep inside. Don’t miss this wonderful evening of music.

Norton & Friends includes Norton's wife, the very talented Lisa Flores on guitar and vocals, all around great guy, David Aguilar on guitar and vocals, boppin', poppin' percussionist Owen Davis on Congas, and southern groovemaster David Brown on Bass and Vocals.

About the Musicians

Lisa Flores-Buffalo, having grown up in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains, spent 24 years living in Port Townsend, Washington. She has been dancing, modern and ballet, playing the guitar and singing for most of her life. Raised up in a musical family, she performed with a folk duet around the Northwest for several years before putting it aside to devote herself to raising a family (her 23 year old son is a great guitarist and songwriter). Getting back into her musical roots, for many years Lisa played guitar in performances with her father, Tony Flores, a highly regarded, Sicilian born, mandolin player. Into her music, body work and dance full time now, Lisa remains active crafting her own music while writing and performing with Buffalo. Also as a certified Pilates instructor, she teaches classes in her home studio, infusing Pilates with her vast experience in dance and yoga.

Lisa’s soulful and diverse guitar styles, along with her sweet vocals, have helped bring Norton’s songs a beautiful new touch. Flores, has also written (and inspired) some of the songs in this show. You will no doubt be impressed by what Lisa adds to this show.

David Aguilar first began at a young age studying Hawaiian slide guitar back in Montgomery Alabama. Spending his formative years deep in the South, Aguilar later moved to the Northern Midwest region where he began expanding and developing many other acoustic and electric guitar styles. David has been a Sonoma Valley Resident for 22 years where in addition to his recent connection with Buffalo, has for many years played around Sonoma County with his own band, Tudo Bem, and has also been featured locally with The Dynamites and The Suspects. His sweet vocals as well as his tasty rhythm and lead guitar blend perfectly with Norton and Lisa.

Together these three performers have formed a wonderful blend of tones, rhythms, harmonies and personality. Bonded together as friends, this group is bringing you the next era of Buffalo music. This show brings all the styles that you have known Norton for in the past together while it opens you up to so many other styles that he has always played, but only rarely performed.

Owen Davis, Has been accompanying Norton & Friends for over two years now. An outstanding conga player, Owen has performed with the likes of Baba Olitunji (African Drums of Passion), Dorthy Morrison of (Oh Happy Day) fame. Motown’s Undisputed Truth, The Temptations, The Originals, Don Ho, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Bobby Enriques, Les McCann, Steve Miller, & Smoky just to name a few. Owen adds a wonderful groove and a lot of cool rhythmic excitement to the show.

David Brown, a wonderful bassist, who has been performing with Norton's Band, The Knockouts, for over 22 years, has been a perfect addition to Norton & Friends. David's bass gives some great musical dimension to the trio. He also adds his voice to the harmony vocals. David is one soulful cat, with a grand musical history. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, David has played and recorded with Greg Allman, Boz Scaggs, Betty Wright, Eddie Hinton, Wilson Pickett, Michael Bloomfield, Commander Cody, and many others. He adds a wonderful presence and great musical talent to the group.

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