Norton Buffalo & The Knockouts
Portland, OR at Key Largo on 3/8/98

Tali Madden

Norton and the Knockouts (David Brown on bass, Tyler Eng on drums, and Johnny 'Vee' Vernazza, on guitar) were in great shape on this gig, sounding better than ever. A good turnout of enthusiastic fans were treated to the high energy harmonica madness of Buffalo while the band backed solidly. Highpoints included Norton's killer version of "Can't Judge a Book (by looking at it's cover)", and the "Buffalo Cajun Mambo" which had a good portion of the room up and dancing. The Knockouts reflect their several years together in their tightness and clearly enjoy working with Norton. As always, Buffalo held down the vocal, keyboard and percussion work in addition (and sometimes simultaneously) to his distinctive harmonica playing. The tour continues through the Pacific Northwest with stops in Washington, Montana, and Idaho for the remainder of March. After the Spring leg of the Steve Miller tour, Norton and the Knockouts hit the road again for a bit more touring before the Summer portion of the Steve Miller tour. It's busy Buffalo's 22nd year with the Steve Miller Band. Fans in the Northwest shouldnt miss the opportunity to catch Norton and the Knockouts, providing world-class sounds in small club venues.

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